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Your multi-storey car park adapted to your needs

Promote your site

The integration of a multi-storey car park is a valuable asset for your property. More economical to build and operate than an underground car park, a multi-storey car park is the solution for a sensible investment.

Preserve available land

The current area of your car park is a land reserve for the development of your business. Raising your car park with a multi-storey car park is a solution for planning a future extension with peace of mind.

Comfort of your employees

As your business grows, parking can become a problem. Increasing the workforce of a site very often requires the complete reorganisation of your car park.

A functional and rational structure

A suitable design

GAGNEPARK has extensive experience in the functional development of a parking structure: Straight ramps or spiral ramps, access controls, light vehicle flow management vs pedestrian paths etc. - your site is unique, and GAGNEPARK will offer you the most efficient solution.

A rational investment

GAGNEPARK mobilises all its expertise to bring together the best match between functionality and construction costs Experienced in the practice of "Design to Cost", GAGNEPARK will offer you the best solution for your investment.

parking aérien de 4 niveaux pour airbus helicopters
Parking silo en cours de montage

An optimised works space

An industrialised construction process

Thanks to its patented construction process, GAGNEPARK uses maximum prefabrication carried out in specialised industrial workshops.
This industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality and rapid implementation on site.

On-site management that preserves your activity

As a specialist in work on an occupied site, GAGNEPARK makes every effort to minimise the footprint of its site in order to limit its impact on your activity. Single point of contact, adjusted logistics, optimised phasing to free up as many spaces as possible for you; we are experienced in this approach specific to your activity.

Parking, an integral part of living areas

Sharing parking areas

In terms of parking, the rules applicable to new developments and renovations have evolved and diversified. As a result, more and more mixed residential-office projects are emerging.

Designed to accommodate a variety of uses, parking spaces can be shared within these developments because of the variations in traffic flows and parking requirements over the course of a day.

To successfully complete these car park pooling projects, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the regulations in force (Housing Code, ERT, ERP, PLU, etc.). With 15 years of expertise, you can rely on the expertise of the GAGNEPARK teams to design and build your silo car parks and photovoltaic shading systems.

Parking centre ville en façade bois en région parisienne

We can support you in all stages of your parking project

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Let's bring the scale of your projects to life

An extension or new construction project? Multi-storey car park or shading structure, we are at your disposal.

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