Multi-storey car park constructor

A committed team at your side for the perfect realisation of your projects

A team,
A single point of contact

In the Construction phase, whether as part of an all-trades operation, or in a macro-batch, GAGNEPARK sets up a team dedicated to your multi-storey car park or photovoltaic shading structure project, from the Execution Studies phase and until the end of the year of Perfect Completion.

A Project Manager

Single point of contact for the Client, its delegate or other contractors.
They are the guarantor of the commitments made by GAGNEPARK when signing the contract both on the overall and fixed price, deadlines and level of quality.

A Research Officer

They manage and organise all the means of definition and execution studies necessary for the successful completion of your project.


They carry out all the definition and then execution studies on the main car parks.

A Works Manager

They are the representative of GAGNEPARK on the site.
They ensure the planning of interventions, monitoring of co-activity with the sites in operation by limiting the impact of the work on the environment, and compliance with safety instructions.

An efficient construction process

Thanks to its patented construction process, GAGNEPARK uses maximum prefabrication carried out in specialised ISO 14001-certified industrial workshops, located in France and neighbouring countries.
This industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality and rapid implementation on site.
For the execution of work on site, GAGNEPARK calls on local companies, allowing it to rely on reliable and proven skills for each trade, and thus participating in the dynamism of the regional economic fabric.
The permanent presence of the Works Manager associated with mass prefabrication of the components of the structures ensures control of the performance of the works: speed of implementation, limitation of co-activity on site, reduction of constraints for operation and increased safety.

An eco-responsible

The construction process used consumes very little water, generates very little waste, and makes it possible to reduce the impacts of construction sites and in particular noise and environmental pollution.
Industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality, but also allows the use of recycled and recyclable materials such as steel and concrete.
In an eco-responsibility approach, and in order to guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges, GAGNEPARK sets up Electronic Document Management for each operation, hosted on its own servers.

Parking aérien qualité

A quality approach through various measures


Throughout the building phase, the Project team has access to the BIM model (Building Information Modelling), allowing it to visualise the structure in the long term, and to exchange with all the project stakeholders.

Internal controls

During all phases of the construction site, the Works Manager carries out control points on the basis of Quality Sheets, developed over the course of the projects.
These execution checks are supplemented by audits carried out by the Engineering Studies Manager, at important stages throughout construction.

An efficient information system

The Project Manager and the Works Manager, using appropriate IT resources (tablets), monitor the work and carry out visits to Operations Prior to Acceptance, guaranteeing the expected level of quality.

Project management for security


From the Design phase, the Project Manager and the Design Manager define the measures to guarantee an optimum level of security.


Comprehensive planning of the project, from the preparation period, to schedules for the delivery of prefabricated elements and works, ensures that the site is carried out calmly and without improvisation


The Works Manager is the guarantor of proper daily application of the safety rules by all subcontractors,
Security audits are carried out regularly by the project team or the Management Committee.
Indicators for monitoring the Safety approach are presented during Monthly Project Reviews to GAGNEPARK Management.

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