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Park and play parking temporaire

A new parking area

Park&Play - parking aérien modulaire

A modular car park, without foundations

Create parking space simply, quickly and reversibly with our Park & Play car park. Modular capacity, quick installation, flexible offer in duration and financing methods, your parking is no longer a constraint!

Wood as main material

Wood, the main component, represents 89% of the total volume of our car park. The disruptive combination of wood and steel has been approved by the various certifying bodies after structural engineering studies and has been patented.

Parking modulaire Park&Play écoresponsable en bois
Graphique Bureau d'études environnement Etamine ACV parking modulaire

An optimised carbon footprint

Composed of 90% wood of PEFC origin, this equipment has a carbon footprint 67% lower than a traditional structure.

An answer to your problems

A committed player in sustainable mobility, the Park & Play team of experts is at your service to provide an answer to your problems.


You have a significant growth potential for your business that you can’t exploit due to the lack of available parking spaces.


Your site expansion or redevelopment project is hampered by the lack of available parking spaces during the construction phase.


The seasonal nature of your business or the planned development of your site are not compatible with the construction of a permanent car park.


An unforeseen situation requires you to find additional parking capacity at short notice.

An innovative turnkey solution

From design to de-installation, Park & Play takes care of all the stages in the life of your car park.





An award-winning solution

Logo Solar Impulse_Avril 2021


Four years ago, Bertrand Piccard set himself the challenge of choosing 1,000 solutions capable of protecting the environment in a profitable way. In April 2021, thanks to its innovative and sustainable nature, Park&Play obtained the Solar Impulse Foundation label and is therefore one of the 1,000 solutions selected!

Trophée éco-entreprise innovante PEXE ADEME


Organised by PEXE, the National Eco-Business Forum aims to reward innovative French companies. This year, the winner of the Innovative Eco-Business award in the Sustainable Buildings and Constructions category is none other than Park&Play!

trophées de la construction


Park&Play was the winner in the “Technical Solutions” category at the Construction Awards! These awards distinguish the best achievements in new construction, renovation, crafts, technical solutions and tools, services & digital solutions of construction and real estate players.

Logo Pôle Fibres Energivie


This network, which has nearly 200 members, brings together the worlds of industry, research and training. Focused on the building sector, it unifies all players in the building value chain.

With temporary car parks, parking enters a new era

“Innovation, a response to the challenges of present and future mobility.
To meet the need for more parking spaces immediately, temporarily and perfectly reversibly, GAGNEPARK's experts have developed and fine-tuned PARK&PLAY: “Agile Parking” for sustainable mobility”

Eric RADDAZGeneral Director