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Multimodal mobility

The development of new urban faces, eco-districts and tertiary campuses involves the management of softer modes of transport with, as a consequence, the creation of multimodal exchange hubs. This new type of structure must incorporate a strong functional design, which is flawless in the management of vehicle and pedestrian flows.

Functional pooling

The time when car parks were empty at night and full during the day or vice versa is definitely over. The eco-responsible approach of pooling parking areas automatically brings car parks to the heart of districts. This evolution therefore requires an adapted design frequently integrating additional activities.

Ecology and urban integration

The need to preserve the soil, to make the structures mutable, pushes towards the creation of car parks in the superstructure. With the support of specialised architects, this structure must therefore fit into an urban landscape or programme, while fully fulfilling its functional role.

An efficient design

Integrated and secure parking

Naturally ventilated, GAGNEPARK car parks are secure and comfortable in terms of traffic flow with large spans free of any obstacle. Together, we determine the level of equipment and comfort of your car park.

Controlled flow management

GAGNEPARK, through its unparalleled experience in the design of parking structures, pays particular attention to the fluidity of vehicle flows, motorised or not, but also to the integration of pedestrian flows.

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Eco-responsible building

An industrialised construction process

Thanks to its patented construction process, GAGNEPARK uses maximum prefabrication carried out in specialised industrial workshops.
This industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality and rapid implementation on site.

Free architectural integration

GAGNEPARK uses a high-performance construction process in a mixed structure (steel/concrete) and knows how to use all types of materials for architectural cladding.

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