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Development of ambulatory medicine

The deployment of ambulatory medicine is one of the major goals of the National Health Strategy Replacing full hospitalisation, ambulatory medicine involves a reduction in hospital stays. In addition to making traffic denser around hospitals, this new approach leads to a need for additional parking.

Consolidation of activities and control of land

Depending on the consolidation of activities and changes in practices, your hospital sites become increasingly constrained. In fact, you are more attentive to the control of the land available. A parking offer in line with your needs contributes to the proper functioning of your establishment, thanks to controlling the challenges of mobility and access to parking.

Secure and intelligent car parks

The accessibility and availability of parking spaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a vital issue for healthcare establishments. Patients, visitors but also practitioners must benefit from this accessibility in complete safety and with complete ease.

A suitable design

A reassuring welcome

Naturally ventilated, GAGNEPARK car parks are secure day and night and comfortable in terms of traffic flow with large spans free of any obstacle. Together, we determine the level of equipment and comfort of your car park.

Controlled flow management

Whether in the case of an extension or a new construction, GAGNEPARK pays particular attention to the fluidity of vehicle flows, but also to the integration of pedestrian flows to optimise and secure the journey of your patients.

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Development that respects your activity

An industrialised construction process

Thanks to its patented construction process, GAGNEPARK uses maximum prefabrication carried out in specialised industrial workshops.
This industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality and rapid implementation on site.

Respectful on-site management

As a specialist in work on an occupied site, GAGNEPARK makes every effort to minimise the footprint and noise impact of your site. Adjusted logistics, optimised phasing to free as many spaces as possible for you, we are experienced in this approach specific to your activity.

We can support you in all stages of your parking project

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