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Your multi-storey car park adapted to your needs

Ability to meet deadlines

Nowadays, urban and regulatory specificities can sometimes obscure the vision of the building duration of your projects.
GAGNEPARK, the only company dedicated to the construction of car parks, will be able to support you to guarantee the delivery and cost of your structure.

Single point of contact

The construction of a multi-storey car park is a development tool for you. The GAGNEPARK project manager is your single point of contact, from the feasibility phase, through administrative authorisations, to the delivery of your multi-storey car park in connection with the existing one.

Validation of feasibility

Your project is subject to a restrictive urban environment and/or requires careful architectural integration. The GAGNEPARK teams, through their “pre-contracting” service, will be able to support you from technical feasibility study to the overall financial estimate of the operation. GAGNEPARK will design your multi-storey car park, to be functional, pleasant and integrated into its environment.

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A tailor-made design

Controlled flows

GAGNEPARK's unique knowledge in the field of parking allows it to offer you the car park that is best suited to your needs and those of your customers. The fluidity of vehicle flows, motorised or not, is at the heart of our concerns. GAGNEPARK car parks contribute to the traveller experience.

A double reading car park

GAGNEPARK car parks offer a double scale reading. On a site scale through successful integration, and on a human scale thanks to an unequalled sense of security and comfort. Together, we determine the level of equipment and comfort of your car park.

We can support you in all stages of your parking project

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Let's bring the scale of your projects to life

If you have a project for multi-storey car park or a shading structure, we are at your disposal.

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