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Your multi-storey car park adapted to your needs

Customer journey

The customer experience begins before they even get out of the car.
The first and last link in the customer journey, the car park must be intuitive, functional, aesthetic and communicative.

No Parking No Business

The new shopping centre deal gives a new dimension to the once neglected space that is the car park.
By becoming real living spaces, shopping centres are reinventing themselves and car parks are contributing to this change through their quality and user-friendliness.


Changing regulations are forcing brands to review the usual parking concepts.
The open and connected GAGNEPARK multi-storey car park gives the opportunity to transform this new restriction into an additional service for your customers.

An efficient design

A special welcome

Naturally ventilated, GAGNEPARK car parks are secure and comfortable in terms of traffic flow with large spans free of any obstacle. Together, we determine the level of equipment and comfort of your car park.

Controlled flow management

Whether in the case of an extension or a new construction, GAGNEPARK pays particular attention to the fluidity of vehicle flows, but also to the integration of pedestrian flows to optimise the journey of your customers.

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Development that respects your activity

An industrialised construction process

Thanks to its patented construction process, GAGNEPARK uses maximum prefabrication carried out in specialised industrial workshops.
This industrialisation guarantees a high level of quality and rapid implementation on site.

On-site management that preserves your business

As a specialist in work on an occupied site, GAGNEPARK makes every effort to minimise the footprint of its site in order to limit its impact on your commercial activity. Adjusted logistics, optimised phasing to free as many spaces as possible for you, we are experienced in this approach specific to your activity.

We can support you in all stages of your parking project

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Let's bring the scale of your projects to life

An extension or new construction project? Multi-storey car park or shading structure, we are at your disposal.

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