Engineering at the service of your structures

ENGINEERING is part of GAGNEPARK's DNA. It relies on the individual skills of the Research Managers and Designers/Draughtsmen working for the operational teams. Our skills in multiple areas allow us to understand and offer innovative solutions adapted to your projects.

Regulations, standards, codes and best practices

Our global approach to projects allows us to integrate all regulatory and normative obligations at all stages of design and execution studies.
For seismic stresses, our global approach to the structural shell ensures that our structures are high-performance. This approach is based on global modelling from the foundations to the last floor regardless of the building materials used.

Materials: concrete, steel, mixed (steel-concrete), wood

The choice and organisation of materials are a central point of our thinking.
These two notions are guided by the technical performance sought, the expression and the architectural need, the desire for landscape integration but also by the notions of sustainable development and environmental impact.
From the reinforced concrete foundations through the main load-bearing elements in mixed metal and concrete to the secondary and functional elements in metal and/or wood, all the materials are combined and associated for the benefit of the performance of the structure.

Functions: flow, counting, guidance, lighting, signage.

The car parks and, to a lesser extent, the shading structures integrate a plurality of functionalities linked to the destination of the structure but also to its urban integration.
Depending on your needs, your future developments, the different needs related to:
– Guidance and orientation
– Electric vehicles and charging stations
– Electronic banking and barriers
– Technical, reception and operating spaces

Research and development, GAGNEPARK’s fuel

“The expression of the needs of our customers and the permanent evolutions of our society fuel our commitment to research and development.”

Christophe FRAUDEngineering & Studies Director - GAGNEPARK

Specific fire behaviour engineering

Concerning the Fire section, our mastery of Fire Safety engineering and of the various decrees (among others the PS Decree of 9 May 2006 for public buildings and the Decree of 22 March 2004 relating to the fire resistance of products) allows us to offer structures whose safety objectives have been fully achieved.

Sizing and justification tools

The clean and fluid lines of our structures mask a complexity linked to:
- The combination of associated materials,
- The actions to which they are subjected: climatic, fatigue, shock, earthquake and fire (ISO or real),
- Geometry and layout: large span of elements (16 m and more), size of large structures (up to 300 m and beyond).
In order to meet all these challenges, we have more than thirty software packages to carry out our missions.

Modelling tools and BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The GAGNEPARK culture consists of striving towards permanent efficiency, a goal that is certainly simple but complex to implement.
Given our ability to intervene from feasibility studies to execution, since 2007 we have implemented an organisation and tools that are compatible and adapted to each stage of the act of construction.
Among other things, we have generalist tools such as REVIT and Autocad, but also business tools such as TEKLA.
This mastery of the entire modelling chain is a major asset for the management of your projects in BIM format.
BIM, a simple story. Our patented construction process leads us to master each step. The digital models are enriched throughout the project, the summaries carried out and the coordination activated. This is done for all the car parks for which we are responsible. We have the capacity either to deploy our BIM standards or to take into account those of our customers (agreement, charter, specifications, etc.).

Engineering dedicated to your parking structure

Operation, maintenance and energy

Upon receipt of our projects, we provide operating and maintenance specifications including the frequency of visits and maintenance as well as the related technical elements.
The design of our structures significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs:
- Absence of mechanical smoke extraction,
- Reduction in the need for artificial lighting due to the presence of large openings in the façades allowing natural light to penetrate,
- No reported fire protection (no flocking or painting, etc.)
- Robust and simple design requiring little maintenance

Player in your mobility of tomorrow

Player committed to the profession

With its experience in the field of parking, GAGNEPARK contributes and actively participates in the development of the professional sector by means of:
- A contribution in the drafting of recommendations for floors
- Participation in vehicle calorific value characterisation tests
- A permanent dialogue with professional organisations and experts such as the FNMS, the CTICM, approved laboratories such as EFECTIS.


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