Your turnkey multi-storey car park

As a company mastering all the technical and functional specificities of parking structures, with its unique experience as a builder of multi-storey car parks, GAGNEPARK ensures the design and build of your multi-storey car park projects.


Our operational approach, combined with quality design, is the strategic element behind GAGNEPARK’s offer of a “turnkey” and tailor-made solution for your multi-storey car park.


Propose a functional and rational design adapted to your present and future activity. During this phase, our vision as a manufacturer is essential to enable you to achieve the performance, quality and budget objectives expected.

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To internally control all the multidisciplinary engineering specific to car parks. From pre-sizing to execution plans, we put all our knowledge to work for the success of your multi-storey car park or shading structure project.

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From specialised project management to the deployment of a construction process based on the “off-site” construction of structural elements, our experience as a dedicated “parking structure” builder is unparalleled on the market.

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A functional structure adapted to your needs

Over time, GAGNEPARK has developed expertise dedicated to multi-storey car parks, thanks to specialised engineering and project management activities. These skills have allowed us to move from the status of simple builder to the rank of specialist, in the design and building of multi-storey car parks.

Having become more complex and more demanding, the design and building of car parks must be accompanied by dedicated engineering that is increasingly at the forefront of innovation. With more than 41,000 parking spaces created to date, our team will be able to meet all the dimensions of your “turnkey” parking projects of today and tomorrow.


A (super) single point of contact

From the analysis of your needs to the delivery of your work, GAGNEPARK is the single point of contact for your project

In close collaboration with customers, partners and stakeholders - architect, assistant project owner, control office, instructor services - GAGNEPARK manages its projects and methodically develops all its organisational capacities in order to respect its commitments, providing a guarantee of results and performance for your structure.

A total and reassuring commitment

The guarantee of a firm, global and fixed price

From the end of the design phase, GAGNEPARK commits to the total cost of your structure.

Deadline compliance, fast and reliable delivery

Mastering complete building and its administrative formalities, GAGNEPARK develops all its expertise in project management to adapt to your operating requirements.

Quality assurance and compliance with the services defined in the contract

From the design phase, we work together to determine the services to be provided. A clear and transparent approach with our customers and partners is one of the pillars of our success.


Let's bring the scale of your projects to life

An multi-storey car park project? Our teams can convince you of the benefits of a turnkey solution.

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