"New generation" multi-storey car park

Another vision of multi-storey car parks in a mixed structure

The answer to the mobility of today and tomorrow.

Whether they are made of steel, concrete or wood, multi-storey car parks – or “multi-storey car parks”, as they are more commonly known – are brighter, safer and more economical than their predecessors.

New-generation multi-storey car parks offer many advantages, both for the investor and the operator, not forgetting the users of today or tomorrow.

All over France, car parking is at the centre of the development of multimodal mobility and constitutes an important environmental issue where the act of eco-responsible construction is obvious.

Eco-responsible but also economical, the “new generation” multi-storey car park has all the assets to respond favourably to your expectations of today and tomorrow.


Naturally ventilated and open to the outside, the “new generation” multi-storey car park provides a de facto feeling of security and comfort to its visitors. Complemented by an efficient construction system, notably offering the possibility of large spans between posts, these feelings are heightened and reveal the new technical nature of these structures.


From a “phare” signal in semi-urban areas to a “chameleon” type signal in hyper centres, architects and suppliers now know how to offer cladding adapted to the image of a site while maintaining the natural ventilation that characterises this type of structure. Inside, the multi-storey car parks offer a multitude of options to increase visual reception.


The “off-site” construction process, implemented short deadlines, natural ventilation making it possible to do without mechanical ventilation, sprinkler system or other added fire protection, a reasonable total weight, etc. – – all of these elements lead to reduced investment and operating costs compared to other types of on-site car parks.


The well-ventilated façades provide natural light during the day. With little impact on the ground, this type of multi-storey car park is mainly built from recycled materials such as steel and is recyclable at the end of the life of the structure. Finally, the high degree of prefabrication limits the consumption of natural resources and reduces the production of waste.

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The specificities of our car parks

WVCP: The character that changes everything

2006 marked history with the creation of regulations dedicated to multi-storey car parks. The concept of "well-ventilated" is emerging, optimising the design of multi-storey car parks with less strict fire safety rules than underground car parks.

The use of fire behaviour engineering

Also in 2006, the authorisation to use “fire behaviour engineering” offered new perspectives. Builders have the opportunity to justify the fire resistance of their structures with specific fire scenarios, encouraging the development of hybrid structures without additional protection, which is often expensive.

Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic and the shortage of materials, the site was delivered on time. This is due to the precise and highly professional management of the project by the people involved, whom I would like to thank for their permanent commitment. Good overall quality.

Saint Camille Hospital

The design, monitoring and execution were of the highest quality. A climate of trust was quickly established with the GAGNEPARK teams. Any problems encountered are immediately identified and solutions are quickly proposed to the project owner. The budget set at the start of the project has been respected.

François Baclesse Centre Caen

The project was completed in a constructive, professional and conscientious manner. The company
was able to adapt to new constraints at the end of the project to meet health emergency requirements
linked to COVID19.


Serious and efficient company for the entire project (works, administration, finance).
Very responsive to the needs of the project owner, and a source of solutions adapted to the problems encountered.

Nîmes University Hospital

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