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Our goal: To share all the keys to the success of your multi-storey car park project.

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Over time, GAGNEPARK has developed expertise dedicated to multi-storey car parks, thanks to specialised engineering and project management activities.

These skills have allowed us to move from the status of simple builder to the rank of specialist, in the design and building of multi-storey car parks.

The functional design of a multi-storey car park is the key factor for the complete success of your multi-storey car park project. It is all the more important since this design determines the overall cost and the completion time of your structure.

GAGNEPARK, as an expert, offers to study your needs and share all the technical and economic keys necessary for calm decision-making.


It is a question of comparing your needs and wishes with the technical and regulatory constraints of your site. At the end of this first step, the conceptual orientation of your parking project will be defined.

Functional Sketch

Based on the performance programme established together, our pre-contracting team will study several potential designs. GAGNEPARK’s advantage being to control the overall costs of building a parking structure, it will be able to submit the most efficient and rational functional design to you.

Budget and deadlines

In addition to the graphic elements, GAGNEPARK will send you the overall budget for your operation as well as an operation deadline. From this phase, GAGNEPARK will be able to commit to the “turnkey” implementation of your project.

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