Our social and environmental responsibility

Be a proactive and contributory player in sustainable and shared mobility

A strong commitment

An eco-responsible vision at the service of your mobility

Creating value at the service of our customers, in a rapidly changing world and sector, while maintaining a societal, social and environmental commitment: This is the ambition we pursue every day. It is important to us to be a proactive and contributory player in sustainable and shared mobility.
Efficient and innovative parking solutions, but within the framework of a positive economy shared with our partners, respect for the environment in our practices, employee development, ethics and an uncompromising commitment to our clients.

An efficient and virtuous construction process

Sustainable development is our constant concern.

Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance… Our approach meets the highest levels of environmental labels.

Our social commitment

The mobility of today and tomorrow

GAGNEPARK is committed to working with you to support societal changes. The creation of multi-storey car parks on the outskirts of urban areas promotes “multi-modality” while limiting traffic density in city centres and consequently urban pollution.
Our structures - multi-storey car parks, Park-and-Ride, temporary car parks, Parking + Activities, and/or shading structures - have become essential tools for the development of sustainable mobility. They play a major role in eco-districts and multimodal hubs, hosting Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures (EVCI) and offering an increasingly important place to 2-wheelers, cycles and new features. Our structures ultimately have a leading role in adapting to new societal changes (carpooling, access to public transport, etc.).
Possibilities of car park mutability for a future change of destination can be put in place without deconstruction.

Our environmental commitment

Structure with a positive energy balance

Our WVCP (Well-Ventilated Car Park) type structures consume very little energy thanks in particular to natural lighting during the day, and innovative and efficient lighting at night. The implementation of a photovoltaic energy production system is one way to achieve self-consumption while integrating your need to recharge electric vehicles.
Having become an expert in photovoltaic solutions related to parking, Gagnepark completes its range of responses to current challenges with shading structures that allow the creation of energy-producing plants. Sparing virgin or agricultural land, this solution, whether dedicated to recharging electric vehicles or to be injected into the electricity network, offers less heating of parked vehicles, for less air conditioner reliance and better user comfort.
Our parking solutions with a positive energy balance contribute to providing the answers necessary for growing sustainable and shared mobility.

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