Your tailor-made photovoltaic shading structures

The OMBRAPARK constructive process

Deployed in mainland France, with more than 100 MWp of installed capacity, equivalent to 550,000 m² of photovoltaic shading structures.

With our experience in the field of parking, we integrate all operating and environmental constraints, right from the design phase of your photovoltaic power plant. Whether your project is for a ground-level car park or a silo car park, GAGNEPARK has the solution.

This unique experience coupled with our design know-how allow us to support you at all stages of your project. From the feasibility study phase, taking account of the specific features of your site, through to the application for building permission and finally the construction phase, you can rely on the GAGNEPARK teams to make your project a reality.

Photovoltaic power plants for car parks

With an airy, aesthetic and light design, they provide maximum comfort thanks to:
- The protection of users and cars against bad weather;
- Protection against solar radiation in order to limit the heating of the passenger compartment of vehicles;
- The conversion of solar radiation into renewable electrical energy;
- The integration of electric vehicle charging stations;
- A visible and readable communication of your approach in favour of sustainable development;

From dimensioning studies to producibility

Feasibility and profitability studies, simulations, production calculations, electrical sizing, our interne engineering service will provide you with all the data you need to design and build the most efficient photovoltaic power plant.

An efficient construction process

With optimal exposure, photovoltaic panels produce electrical energy to meet local needs (self-consumption) or to be injected into the public distribution network.

Our solutions integrate:
- The building of foundations, whatever the type of land;
- The primary structure is dimensioned by our interne engineering service in compliance with standards,
- Installation of all types of photovoltaic panels using our own integration system,
- Options adapted to your needs.

Multi-material solutions

Made from steel, solid wood or laminated wood, our turnkey photovoltaic shading structures adapt to your architectural preferences.

Accelerating the production of renewable energies

Driven by the Minister for Energy Transition, the law on accelerating the production of renewable energies was published in the Journal officiel on 10 March 2023. It includes a number of regulatory measures, including the extension of the obligation to solarise car parks to existing buildings and car parks of more than 1,500 m2 for at least half of this surface area. This obligation is in addition to the one introduced by article 101 of the Climate and Resilience Act, which requires, from 1 July 2023, new or renovated car parks open to the public and over 500 m2 in size to incorporate either planted areas or photovoltaic shading to provide shade for at least half of their surface area.

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