Your tailor-made photovoltaic shading structures

GAGNEPARK's main activity in the field of multi-storey car parks has naturally led us to support our clients in the design and construction of photovoltaic shading structures.

The OMBRAPARK constructive process

Deployed in mainland France and the overseas regions, with more than 530,000 m² of photovoltaic shading structures installed, i.e. the equivalent of 90 MWp.

With our experience in the field of parking, we integrate all operating and environmental constraints, right from the design phase of your photovoltaic power plant.
Whether your project is for a single-storey shopping centre car park, or an on-site multi-storey car park, located on a light vehicle (LV) logistics platform, GAGNEPARK has the solution.

This unique experience coupled with our design know-how allow us to support you at all stages of your project. From the ”feasibility study” phase integrating the particularities of your site, to responses to calls for tenders from the E.R.C (Energy Regulation Commission), you can rely on GAGNEPARK teams to make your project concrete.

Photovoltaic power plants for ecological car parks

With an airy, aesthetic and light design, they provide maximum comfort thanks to:
- The protection of users and cars against bad weather;
- Protection against solar radiation in order to limit the heating of the passenger compartment of vehicles;
- The conversion of solar radiation into renewable electrical energy;
- The integration of electric vehicle charging stations;
- A visible and readable communication of your approach in favour of sustainable development;

A sustainable development solution that contributes to obtaining environmental labels for all your projects (multi-storey and single-storey car parks, light vehicle parking, truck parking, etc.).

A high-performance industrialised process

With optimal exposure, photovoltaic panels produce electrical energy to meet local needs (self-consumption) or to be injected into the public distribution network.

Our solutions integrate:
- The building of foundations, whatever the type of land;
- Sizing by our internal Design Office of the primary framework in compliance with normative requirements (EUROCODE). The metal frame allows comfort of use thanks to its small footprint;
- The installation of all types of photovoltaic panels on a patented secondary structure, called integration;
- Options adapted to your needs.

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