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Photovoltaic shade panels

... From covering a few locations to the creation of a large capacity photovoltaic plant...

GAGNEPARK develops photovoltaic shade solutions for parking lots tailored to your requirements. The OMBRAPARK construction process is particularly suitable for the large projects.

Aesthetically designed and light protective covers that provide optimum comfort to the users and ensure protection of the parked vehicles while maintaining the characteristics of the existing parking lot

  • Protection of the vehicles from bad weather (snow, rain, hail, etc.),
  • Protection of vehicles against solar radiation to limit the heating of the vehicle interiors,
  • Conversion of solar radiation into renewable electricity,
  • Possibility of integrating charging stations for electric vehicles,
  • Easy-to-read communication illustrating your solidarity with sustainable development

The photovoltaic panels are integrated in the shade structures. Offering optimal exposure, they help to produce electrical energy to meet the requirements of the premises (auto-consumption) or to be resold (transmission to the public distribution network).

A sustainable development solution that contributes to the achievement of environmental labels for all development projects.

  • All single-store cars parking lots
  • Terrace level of multi-storey parking lots
  • Heavy vehicle parking lots...
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