...From simple Decking (R+1) ... to high-capacity multi-storey parking lots (up to R+9)

The multi-storey parking lots designed by GAGNEPARK® have numerous advantages for customers, operators, investors and users...from the speedy installation to their low initial investment, operating and maintenance costs.


Challenges in design and construction:

  • Building sites with very low impact on the operation of the existing parking lot ... a minimum parking capacity is guaranteed for the duration of the works
  • Maximum use of prefabrication which limits the duration of the works
  • Reduced impact on the soil in terms of number and volume to preserve the environment
  • An overall reduced construction period...thanks to our installation efficiency...
  • Clean, dry sites...a construction method that allows access to a high level of the BREEAM standards.
  • An efficiently handled execution of the project thanks to careful management and our vast experience and achievements

Challenges related to the use:

  • Easy accessibility (especially for persons with reduced mobility): wide tracks and ramps, adapted stairs, standardised elevators, increased brightness...
  • Ease of movement in the parking area provided by large clearances and very good visibility.
  • solution-parkings-aeriens-2
  • Security and clarity obtained by a well-lit parking lot without walls or corners.
  • A customised signage facilitating identification of users and wayfinding
  • Services and equipment for guiding, vehicle counting, integrated monitoring...
  • Specific facilities and locations (electric vehicles)
  • Clear and easily accessible parking spaces... without any inconvenience caused by the framework.
  • Possibilities of covering the last level using OMBRAPARK® shade structures equipped with solar panels.

Operational challenges:

  • Operating costs and reduced maintenance. (no mechanical ventilation, firefighting or other device)
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Very high durability with a minimum of maintenance operations

Evolution or the future...Endless possibilities of

  • Upgradeability at lower costs through added height or extension.
  • Conversion for future change of destination
  • Deconstruction with recycling of materials
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